Why choose JDee Accounting Services over a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)?

September 24, 2016

As a small business needing accounting services for day-to-day activity, JDee Accounting Services would be the best choice for you. As accountants, we have a 4-yr bachelor’s degree in business. We have an understanding and the experience to oversee and/or perform billing, journal entries, accounts payable activity, and payroll. Also, as accountants, we are able to give analysis and recommendations you would not receive from an administrative assistant or bookkeeper.


CPAs have, at the least, a 4-yr degree with a focus in accounting as well as certifications as a Certified Public Accountant; their services also include auditing and tax as well as the accounting services. This is an essential difference between accountants because not all small business owners require year-round tax and auditing assistance. Therefore, hiring a CPA to work with you on your daily business activities and needs come at a different/higher price point than hiring an accountant to assist with these needs.


At JDee Accounting Services, we will be your tax accountant or CPA’s point of contact during tax time to answer any and all questions as they relate to the financials and business activity. We will recommend CPAs that we believe will meet your needs for tax season. 


Why pay for a service that you do not need throughout the year?

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