Who's On Your Team?

September 18, 2016


Who on your team attributes to your success as an artist? JDee Accounting believes that a successful team starts with a lawyer, business manager, and an accountant dedicated to servicing an artist’s business needs. Furthermore, we believe that an artist’s business manager must be separate from their accountant. An accountant should be seen as an independent contractor whose services and costs are not contingent upon the success of the artist. This is essential because in most business practice settings, the business manager receives a percentage of the artist’s earnings where as JDee Accounting Services costs are a flat monthly fee that is based upon the amount of time which is needed to provide each client with quality care. JDee Accounting will work in conjunction with the business manager to ensure all business related activity is captured each month. This activity will be communicated to the artist, independently, to provide the quality service JDee Accounting ensures to each client. 

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December 27, 2018

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